Consulting and Litigation Support / Expert Witness


ASI provides microbiological consulting  / Litigation Support / Expert Witness services to clients throughout the United States and internationally.  Many ASI projects concern the microbiological quality of the public water supplies.  Representative projects include:

  • Method development or modification - LT2 Variance Monitoring, Portland Water Bureau, OR
  • Distribution system investigations - Coliform Investigation, Pinellas County Utilities, FL
  • Watershed (Catchment) pathogen surveys - Duck River Utility Commission, TN
  • Treatment assessment and optimization, including pilot plants - MicroMethod Laboratories / G-LNG Project, LA
  • Emergent situations; expert guidance dealing with media and regulators

Other projects are associated with particular commercial products, with services as outlined below.

  • Water Treatment Devices - development, optimization, validation, market need, placement
  • Microbial detection systems - technology assessment, performance optimization, validation, market niche / need.

ASI has performed several studies using the US EPA’s Alternate Test Procedure (ATP) protocol to assess performance of novel products in side-by-side comparisons with reference methods.  ASI’s network of clients allows us to generate water and wastewater samples of great diversity with respect to geography, geology, treatment, etc., which is invaluable in product development and optimization. 

See Qualifications & Experience to read more about the projects above and other projects.