Challenge Studies

Challenge Studies / Special Projects

ASI routinely designs and executes microbiological challenge studies for product performance validation.  We have conducted studies on a wide variety of products and devices, using industry standard or customized test protocols to produce scientifically defensible data regarding product performance under normal operating conditions and stressed or challenge conditions. 

Product types tested by ASI include:

  • Drinking Water Treatment Units (DWTUs) - Water treatment devices (filtration efficiency, disinfection efficacy, and combination devices)
    • Hand-held, mobile and pilot scale
    • Military and civilian use
  • Antimicrobial treatments
    • Hard surfaces
    • Porous materials - textiles, wood, paper, etc.
    • Food products – Fruit, vegetable, poultry rinses
  • Medical Waste Treatment (MWT) technologies
    • Alternative MWT devices for mixed waste
    • Sharps disinfection and container decontamination
  • Detection Systems - pathogen and indicator organisms

ASI has tested devices using specifications from a range of protocols, including the EPA Microbiological Water Purifier Protocol, NSF Protocol P248 Emergency Military Operations - Microbiological Water Purifiers (Dec. 2008), State and Territorial Associations on Alternative Treatment Technologies (STAATT) protocols, and others.

ASI begins each project with meetings to determine specific objectives, determine regulatory requirements (if any), understand the test system, and then designs or recommends a test protocol and schedule.

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