Routine Testing for Legionella - CDC Toolkit Guidance

The latest version of the CDC's Toolkit for Controlling Legionella in Common Sources of Exposure (Legionella Control Toolkit), Jan. 13, 2021, includes a section titled "Rountine Testing for Legionella". 

The document states that testing objectives may include: 

  • Establishing a baseline measurement for performance indicators
  • Validating a Water Management Plan
  • Evaluating ppotential growth and transmission sources
  • Confirming success or failure of remedial treaatment
  • Investigating potential sources of environmental exposure for ersons with disease.

Sections of the document include:

  • Sample Collection
  • Test Methods and Laboratory Considerations
  • Rest Results for Water Management Plan Perfornace
  • Suggested Response Activities
  • Resources

Please see the CDC website at: Toolkit for Control of Legionella in Common Sources of Exposure | CDC